Our notetaker was professional and very adept at capturing the essence of our meeting. I found this service to be very beneficial and felt a part of the proceedings.


My CNTs are amazing. They are my ears and my reasoning in my classes and without them I would have flopped!


Your professional and prompt response to our request greatly helped make this a simple process.


My notetaker is a note wizard. In my view, we work very well together.


Our CNT is reliable and attentive to details. His captioning is accurate, fast and easy to read on the large screen.


My CNT's help was invaluable and I would have been lost without his assistance.


I used the services of two CNTs for a special course I was enrolled in. I was so happy that they could "hear" for me and I appreciated their teamwork!


It is wonderful to me to be in meetings and feel like I really am a part of it.


I did not struggle to catch up on what was being said and could easily participate in the meeting.


I love the way you highlighted the important things that the professor covered.


I wanted to write to you and convey our appreciation for the professional manner in which you handled our request for a notetaker. Your prompt response greatly helped make this a simple process. We will certainly continue to use your services.